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Coin Market Alert is LIVE with Token Pre-Sales

Coin Market Alert Keeps Investors Updated

full disclosure: we have a nice bottle of wine’s worth of financial interest in Coin Market Alert (CMA) and more than 20 other crypto efforts. We’re not full-time day traders or institutional investor. We do appreciate creative financial services. and one of the best such service we know about is at https://CoinMarketAlert.com .

The token sale is at https://CoinMarketAlert.com/token

coin market alert road map illustration

Unlike coinmarketcap.com , coincentral.com and others, CMA keeps you updated with notifications of important changes in your cryptocurrency investments portfolio.

They do have a roadmap and a white paper. it’s very straightforward. The tokens let you maintain your CMA subscription, and stay on top of the cryptocurrencies that you put your hard-earned money into.

With its transparent, smart contracts on the blockchain, Coin Market Alert and the huge appeal of having the most up-to-date cryptocurrency trading make the value of running long or short buys or puts on CMA quite clear and easy. It means investors can rest assured that every coin they invest in or trade with, will be monitored for them 24×7, even when they’re asleep or busy living life outside of the crypto sphere.

Now, without needing to wait forever on the promise of disruptive startups that may never see the light of day, cryptocurrency investors can get the latest info that matters to them.

The Crypto market is growing in quantities and trading volumes of currencies. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on important changes and news before they are old news.

CMA cuts out problems which happen with typical financial information middlemen, like traditional newspapers or cable news networks and channels. For investors into digital finance and specifically on cryptocurrencies, the Coin Market Alert service serves a huge need that is not handled in the same way anywhere else.

And yes, as we wrote earlier, every alert on Coin Market Alert is powered with ERC20 token-based smart contracts on the blockchain. That makes it virtually undisputable and lets you focus on the important actions of your investments.